Wizards Basketball

3rd Grade Vahl

Team Highlights
  • 1st Place in the One Day Shootout at Wheaton Academy on December 30th.
The Team

Justin Vahl


#22 Tyler Gluting
#10 Parker Howland
#2 Tej Johnson
#27 Griffen Kling
#53 Thomas Marketti
#30 Kristopher Mporokoso
#14 Krish Sarin
#23 Ethan Vahl

2016/2017 Season – 3rd Lockett

Team Highlights
  • Leading team scorer – Mason Lockett

    vs. Oswego Hustle Orange 11pts.
    vs. Oswego Hustle Blue 16pts.
    vs. Oswego Wolfpack 14pts.

  • Leading team rebounders –

    1.) Tate Bartzen
    2.) Zach Washington
    3.) Mason Lockett IV.

  • Lockett3 Wizards took 2nd place in the Redhawks tournament going 3-1 with a great showing.

    First day going 2-0
    Defeating Dupage Express;
    & Oswego hustle game 2;

    Second day going 1-1
    Defeating Western Springs;
    & falling to the Illinois rockets for the Championship game.

2015/2016 Season – 3rd Payne

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